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 OpportunityOfTheDay Keep up with our country s move towards a three trillion dollar economy with quality stocks http bit

#OpportunityOfTheDay Keep up with our country?s move towards a three-trillion dollar economy with quality stocks #SharekhanKar #UnionBudget2019 #OpportunityOfTheDay #SharekhanKar #UnionBudget2019

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@RBI does a hat-trick #reporate cut to help #economy score better. #RBIPolicy Read More. #reporate #economy #RBIPolicy

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 RBI wishes StockMarkets and Economy Happy New Financial Year with another RepoRate cut. Read more https bit

@RBI wishes #StockMarkets and #Economy Happy New Financial Year with another #RepoRate cut. Read more: #SharekhanResearch #SharekhanKar #StockMarkets #Economy #RepoRate #RBIPolicy #SharekhanResearch #SharekhanKar

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On 1 February 2019, our Finance Minister is going to unveil the Interim Budget. Usually, the Interim Budget is a low-key affair, but this year we expect it to be an exciting one! Listen to Mr Lalitabh Srivastawa, from Sharekhan Research talk about the Interim Budget and its impact on Indian economy. #SharekhanKar #SharekhanKar

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